Grace Is Amazing! &
God’s Amazing Grace!


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“I am thankful to God for the privilege to carry His message in words. Since I love Him and all people, it is my God-given desire for everyone to live the most fulfilled lives and spend eternity in heaven. There have been more times than one when words seem to flow from the pen.”


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Heaven How to Get There

Heaven How To Live Til We Get There

Jesus Is The Way To Heaven

I Can Live For Jesus! Coloring Book

Grace Is Amazing!

God’s Amazing Grace! Coloring Book

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What would you say is the epitome of failure?

What would you say is the epitome of failure?  Consider Peter, who vehemently denied knowing Jesus or having any association with Him three times, as he even cursed and swore, saying, “I do not know the man!” Matthew 26:69-75.  This is one of the greatest stories of...

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  …I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven:  and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.  Matthew 16:19 Is Satan harassing you?  Could it be that...

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Revelation 21:21 tells us that the street of Heaven is pure gold, like transparent glass.  Gold in its purest form is transparent.  The purest form of gold is powder.  Turning that purest form back into a solid renders it clear.  Even in a liquid...

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Jaxon LOVES your book!

The message is incredible and the coloring pages are so beautiful. Thank you so very much for this unexpected treasure.

Kaitlind & Jaxon

Lynnette truly knows the joys of serving God in her two books!

The colorful illustrations and words portray what God’s glorious heaven will truly be like. This is a must read for adults and children of all ages, especially those who need to hear that heaven is a real place where we can all meet God one day.

Bernadine Sizemore

Thank you so much for the beautiful blessing of God in this book!

It is very well done and honoring to our Lord. We can’t wait to have you share this with our teachers during a future workshop. Praying our Lord’s felt nearness around you.

John Camp

I got my copy of "Heaven How To Live Til We Get There" in the mail today!

I sat down and read it immediately. It is the complete Gospel told in such a way that it will engage the child’s mind and help them remember the truths that are contained within. Order some for the children in your life! You will love the reading and the great drawings throughout the pages.

Bishop Freddie Steel
Pastor/Church Planter at Mercy Gate

I love this book!

Satisfied Reader

My friend, Lynnette, is the author of these 2 books.

She is a strong Christian example to all she meets. I recommend you buy copies for your children, grandchildren, friends’ children, and even adults, as well as your church libraries. I also recommend inviting her to speak at your churches and children’s classes. Thank you, Lynnette, for writing these books, and I am thankful to have the copies I’ve given to each of my grandchildren and for myself.

Vickie Martin Stover
Former Fayette County Teacher’s Assistant

Thank you so much, Lynnette

for sending our kids a copy of your new book about heaven! So many children will get a new opportunity to learn about Jesus by reading your storybook! You are such a blessing. I absolutely love the pictures that the illustrator placed in there of Brody and Drake. Sweet pictures of both of them. The girls loved reading it also!

Angela Lankford
Family, Friend

I used the book you gave me about heaven in my class tonight, and the kids loved it!

Some had tears in their eyes. Afterward, we made posters of what they believe heaven looks like. Their hearts were overjoyed, and so was mine! Thanks again for writing this book. It has been a wonderful light for kids (and us big people as well.) I can’t wait to see the next one!

Kim Sears
Family, Friend

I wanted to let you know about something that happened at my niece's church.

She teaches 8 and 9-year-olds. This little boy has been coming for about two years, and she said he always kind of stays to the back when she’s reading or teaching. She had some extra time one night, so she read your book. She said he moved to the front and was listening to every word. After she finished reading it, the little boy gave his heart to Jesus! Your book is such a treasure from God.

Judy Spack