Luke 15:11-24 shows a beautiful exchange from filth and degradation to righteousness and sonship. The prodigal son insisted his father give him his early inheritance. The father agreed and gave him his share. The son then left home and squandered all his wealth on riotous living. The severe famine in that land led him to the pigpen, where he fed the pigs, even desiring their food. When he came to his senses, he realized he needed to go back to his father and repent, asking to become only a hired servant. It is apparent, the father was awaiting his son’s return, as he saw him afar off. HE DIDN’T CARE ABOUT THE FILTH AND THE STENCH…HE ONLY CARED ABOUT HIS SON! He threw his arms around him and kissed him, exclaiming to hurry and bring the best robe and put it on him! He wanted to cover his son, bringing him to sonship in exchange for mere servanthood…representing robes of righteousness all God’s children are clothed in; Isaiah 61:10. The Father also said to embellish his hand with a ring, signifying belonging and relational authority. The Father continued, as he said to put sandals on his feet…as hired servants wore no shoes. Finally, he said to bring the fattened calf for a merry celebration, saying his son was lost and dead, and is now found and alive! This is a most beautiful picture of grace! GRACE IS THE BEAUTY OF IT ALL!…found in our acceptance of Jesus Christ. A beautiful exchange takes place as we accept Christ. All our sins are nailed to the cross and we bear them no more; Colossians 2:14. Jesus says He wants to give us beauty for ashes, as we come to Him and live…really live!; Isaiah 55:3. It is then we become sons and daughters of God; Galatians 3:26. What a beautiful relationship!