In this verse, Romans 16:20, shortly means, when we take authority. The force is great as a high-stepper’s foot comes down! Jesus said He has given us authority to trample on serpents and scorpions (satan), and over all the power of the enemy; Luke 10:19. Ephesians 1:19-23 says Jesus is seated in the heavenly places, far above all principality, power, might and dominion, and has “all things under His feet”. Ephesians 2:5-6 says those who accept Christ are seated with Him, having “all (opposing) things under their feet”. When God created man he gave him dominion over the animals, and authority to subdue the earth; Genesis 1:26&28. Adam and Eve handed this dominion over to the satan, the serpent. “But God” would not allow this, as He already had a remedy… His precious Son, Jesus, would die and settle the horrific sin debt forever, even securing a home in heaven for all of God’s children. He would be the victor and give us the victory! Genesis 3:15 says there will be open hostility between satan and man until we are with God in Heaven. “But God” said satan, the serpent, would (only) bite at, or bruise our heels…but we would have the spiritual authority to fatally and forcefully step down and crush his head. I John 3:8 says Jesus came to mortally wound, destroy the works of the devil. We rub shoulders with evil, but we are more than conquerors through God who loves us; Romans 8:37. Ephesians 6 speaks of putting on our spiritual armor, including our shoes. In Bible times, Roman soldier’s shoes were spiked with nails on the bottoms and fronts, and had iron greaves to their knees. They would literally march high, trampling and kicking the enemy, without stopping. satan should not be allowed to tamper with God’s property (us)! We put up with too much from him, giving him way too much credence! We don’t have to fall victim to his whims! God has put a stop to him, and given us the spiritual right to follow through! It’s time we take authority over ourselves and our families. Not our authority, but the authority of the Almighty God who lives in us! Jesus said as He is in this world, so are we; I John 4:17. Meaning… the same as. He’s in us! We can use His authority. We don’t have to allow the enemy to run roughshod over us or our families. The next time satan tempts you or tries to bombard you with lies to debilitate you mentally, physically or emotionally, put him in his place…under your feet…step high and say…IN THE NAME OF JESUS BACK OFF! BY JESUS BLOOD AND STRIPES I AM HEALED!; Isaiah 53:5. Then, lavish all your love and adoration on God, declaring Him King of Kings and Lord of Lords, giving all credence to Him!…as this too stifles the enemy, silencing his voice. Spend precious time in God’s word. Let him be your central focus! Walk in love and peace under His shelter of protection, trusting Him. Have a blessed day!