The two widows, Naomi and Ruth, returned to their homeland broken, poor and ashamed, with no apparent hope for the future. The book of Ruth tells about the plight of these women. One day Ruth asked her mother-in-law, Naomi, if she could glean what the reapers left behind in the field of Boaz, a very wealthy relative of Naomi’s husband. Naomi said, “Go, my daughter .” While she was gathering the scraps, Boaz noticed her. After inquiring who she was, he told her to stay in his field to glean. She said, “Let me find favor in your sight, my lord; for you have comforted me, and spoken kindly.” He told her to come and eat with the reapers at mealtime. He then commanded his young men to purposely let grain fall from the bundles for her to gather, even telling her to stay until the harvest season ended. In time, Ruth became his wife. He was considered her legal kinsman redeemer, who had a right to marry her. They had a son who was of the family line of Jesus. Naomi contentedly cuddled the child and cared for him as her own. Their empty arms were now full! What a redeemer! This is such beautiful picture of Christ, our Precious, Blessed Redeemer!.