When the answer to your adverse situation seems an arm’s length away, it could be right at your fingertips. God can turn a bleak situation around instantly! Four lepers, in II Kings 7, had a choice. They could sit in their famine situation, waiting to die, or take their chances and enter an enemy camp, with hopes of survival. To their amazement, upon entering the camp, it was desolate of inhabitants! God had frightened the enemy away from it’s own camp, as they thought they heard a huge army coming to attack them! The lepers began enjoying all the plunder, even informing the king, as his people joined them as well! The prophet, Elisha, had just announced, the day before, that their poverty stricken situation would completely change within twenty-four hours. What is your current situation? Are you seemingly passing through uncertain waters? What should you do? Keep looking up, trusting God and believing. God says He will be with you, as you “pass through” the waters, a place where you’re not meant to stay. He will bring you safely out on the other side. At any given moment your situation could completely change!