Jesus refers to Himself as the vine, and we are the branches. He says we can produce much fruit, as we abide in Him. “Abiding in” means, staying in a given place and resting. An apple is produced from abiding. The tree doesn’t strain trying to bring it forth. It simply abides, while absorbing the sun, water, soil nutrients, etc. Those who accept Christ enter into a beautiful, abiding relationship. God’s word says, repeatedly, we are to have peace and rest in Him. We are not to live a cumbersome life. Jesus says to cast your burdens on the Lord; Psalm 55:22. The Greek meaning is to cast your burdens far from you, as if you were casting a fishing pole with all your might. Literally, it means to sling them far away from you, and over onto God. We are not designed to carry undue burdens. The Almighty, All Powerful God is our burden-bearer, and has the solution for every situation. We don’t have to tire ourselves stressing and straining, hoping to produce the best results. As we rest and rely on God, our sensitivity to His voice and nearness will increase, as He leads us lovingly along. Give Him your burdens, and He will give you His rest. Abide in the Son, Who is our sustaining, living water. Fellowship with Him, as you absorb the nutrients of His precious word. Then, your life’s fruit will be abundant, beautiful and sweet!