Sometimes we feel distant from God for various reasons, and we’re not quite sure how to return. The prodigal son was beside himself, as his deteriorated situation engulfed him; Luke 15:11-24. Although reluctant, he realized he needed to return to the father, he had abandoned, and ask to become his servant. As he took the initial step to return, the father did the rest. He was apparently longing and watching for his son’s safe return, as he saw him approaching from a great distance. The father ran, fell on his neck and kissed him. As the son was trying to apologize, he immediately told his servants to put the best robe, ring and sandals on him, and prepare a meal of celebration, while addressing him as Son. The son simply returned. The father watched, ran, fell, kissed, clothed, embellished and celebrated! God desires to have this Father-Child relationship with everyone, which comes through our acceptance of Jesus as Savior. Come today, please don’t delay to bridge the gap between you. Distanced child, allow God to close up the distance you feel, as He restores your relationship. Come as you are, as He lovingly mends, embraces, kisses, embellishes, and celebrates your return! What a kind and gracious God!