Worry clutters the mind, which muffles the beautiful voice of God, and steals our peace. When our mind’s channels are free from worrisome debris, we can perceive and receive what God would like to say to us. God tells His children to have the mind of Christ; Philippians 2:5. We don’t have to worry about “anything”, as we bring “everything” to God (“all” our concerns and even imperfections). Matthew 6:25-34 tells us, repeatedly, not to worry, but to have faith, as we live in the moment with God. This passage says God feeds the birds and beautifully clothes the flowers. Luke 12:5-6 says not one sparrow is forgotten by God, and He has all our hairs numbered. Since He cares about the minutest details of His creation, surely He will take care of His children! “Keep the clutter clear to be able to hear”… as He speaks to you in love tones and channels His blessings into your life!