In Numbers 13 God told Moses to send twelve men to spy out Canaan, the beautiful land God had promised to give the children of Israel. Out of the twelve, only Joshua and Caleb believed they could possess it. Upon bringing their findings back to the people, the ten naysayers agreed the land had luscious fruit, and flowed with milk and honey, but said they would not be able to take it because of the large fortified cities and the giants who lived there. That’s when Caleb, who had a different spirit, spoke up and said, “We are well able to overcome it”! Our verdict, when facing our giants, should be to believe God and His promises, instead of negative reports, because… HE IS BEYOND ABLE! Then our outcome will be like Joshua and Caleb…the only two of the twelve who entered the promised land! Let’s dare to believe God and join the yaysayers!