He was sitting at Jesus feet, clothed and in his right mind.  This was the same man who had been tormented by demons for a long time; Mark 5:1-20 & Luke 8:22-40.  Prior to this, he lived among the tombs, crying out and cutting himself night and day.  He was untamable, as he often pulled the chains apart and broke the shackles into pieces, which were meant to bind him.  This beautiful transformation took place when he met Jesus, the true chain breaker, the one who sets captives free; Luke 4:18.  We don’t have to live bound by anything harmful, as we become bound to Jesus, upon our acceptance of Him as Savior.  This encounter frees us from our sin and changes everything!  We are then thoroughly equipped to handle every adverse situation; II Timothy 3:17…as God shows us the way, and says walk in it; Isaiah 30:21.  “ENCOUNTER JESUS AND ENCOUNTER FREEDOM!”