I’m sure you’re familiar with the children’s peg toy that looks like a little wooden bench with small holes. The little pegs are stood tall and relentlessly hammered down over and over again.  This is satan’s goal, to beat us down with railing accusations of unworthiness.  One of his primary goals, among many others, is to bring us under bondage, making us feel we can never measure up to God’s standards, that we are somehow always falling short…causing us to shy away from Him.    But… Jesus said He came to set the captives free; Luke 4:18, free from sin and it’s oppressive hold.  Apart from forgiveness of sin, one of the greatest liberations a child of God is given, is freedom from mind bondages.   Philippians 2:5 says we are to have the mind of Christ.  This means we look at our lives from God’s perspective and think His thoughts.  We are to think right about ourselves and our relationship to Him, which is one of love and complete acceptance, one that is meant to be progressive and not stifled.  When the enemy starts to maul at your mind, shooting his fiery darts, bring out your arsenal…the Word of God!  God’s word is full of truths about who we are in Christ!  Ephesians chapters one and two are also very powerful!  In these two chapters alone, we find we have been given grace and peace, we are blessed with every spiritual blessing, we have been chosen, we are blameless, we have been adopted, we are accepted in the beloved, we are His redeemed purchased possession, we have been given wisdom and prudence, we have obtained a guaranteed inheritance, we have been sealed with Holy Spirit of promise, He has made us alive and raised us up together in Him,  we are His workmanship, we have been brought near, we are fellow citizens, etc, etc, etc!  God loves you dearly, more than you do your own child, even though they are not perfect!  Come close and develop a beautiful deep love relationship with Him, based on forgiveness, acceptance and trust.   So…the next time the enemy tries to beat you down and hold you hostage, as he dangles your imperfections before you, stand tall, as you rise to the occasion, and hammer away with the Word of God!!!