At the midnight hour they saw God’s power!  At times we may be waiting on a resolution for our adverse situation.  Then God comes through, right on time, even though it seems like the midnight hour!  In Acts 16:23-36 we find the apostle Paul and Silas unjustly beaten, with many stripes, for the cause of Christ.  They were thrown in the inner prison, while their feet were fastened in stocks.  At midnight they began praying and singing hymns to God, while the other prisoners listened.  Suddenly, there was a great earthquake that shook the foundations!  Immediately, all the doors were opened, everyone’s chains were loosed, as the jailer and his household believed and received Christ as Savior!  In the same hour the jailer washed their stripes and took them to his house to eat, as he rejoiced!   A complete turnaround in an hour!  God’s power cannot be underestimated!  Instead of sulking in their predicament, they prayed and praised, acknowledging Him to be Almighty God, no matter what!  They were saying we love and trust You completely!