In Genesis Chapter three we see Satan, disguised in serpent form, enticing Eve to disobey God by eating from the only tree, in the beautiful garden, which God had told her not to.  The Bible says he was more cunning (crafty, manipulative) than any beast of the field.  Eve entertained this, as she allowed the luring conversation to continue, instead of immediately stopping it.  Since this tree was good for food, pleasant to the eyes, and desirable to make one wise she compromised and ate.  In Matthew 4:1-11 another luring conversation took place between Jesus and Satan.   Satan thought it an opportune time to get Jesus to submit to him, by eating at his command, since He hadn’t eaten anything for forty days.  But, this conversation was different.  After each of Satan’s three assailing attempts to get Jesus to pay obeisance  to him, Jesus rebuttaled by saying,  “It is written”, the third time adding, ”Away with you, Satan!”  Jesus used His written and spoken word to overcome.  God’s children have the same privilege.  Revelation 12:11 says all who accept Jesus overcome by the blood of Jesus and by the word of their testimony.   Hebrews 4:12 says the word of God is living, powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword.  Keep loading up on God’s word ammunition and fire away the next time Satan tries to tempt you!  Always remember God has His “real” best for you in His perfect timing.  Don’t compromise and settle for less than the best!  Wait patiently on the Lord, always look trustingly to Him for guidance, as your life beautifully unfolds.