Sometimes Satan shoots a fiery dart (lie) at us, and it seems so true. It’s designed to stop us in our tracks. It’s negativity brings despair (hopelessness). An example may be; “You’re nobody and you’ll never amount to anything.” Yet, God says all who accept Christ become royalty; I Peter 2:9. As children of the most high God, we are full of hope now and have an expected future; Jeremiah 29:11. Instead of being a “nobody” we are a “special somebody!” At times his voice can seem so subtle and alluring, as he tries to mimic God, causing us to question if that was God. What should we do at such a paralyzing moment?… We should immediately bring it to God, as He will “clearly” speak His truth to us. John 10:27 says we are God’s sheep and we hear His voice. It’s also valuable to recollect scripture, or go to God’s word, getting verses that pertain to the current situation. It’s very important to keep an optimistic outlook, according to Philippians 4:8, which says to meditate on things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, praiseworthy, etc. As we maintain a close walk with God and know His word, we’ll quickly be more able to detect the slightest falsehoods. So the next time Satan tries to baffle us, we’ll leave him bewildered, as we loose his lying noose!