When her son died the Shunamite woman saddled her donkey and went to the prophet, Elisha; II Kings 4:8-37.  This man of God was treated hospitably, as she and her husband would give him food and a room to stay in whenever he would pass by.   Upon the death of her child, we see her remaining calm, exhibiting her faith.  She kept her composure, which was important in staying attuned to God’s leading.  When he died on her lap, she laid him on the bed of Elisha and shut the door.   As her husband was unaware of the death of their child, he asked why she was going to the man of God.  All she said when leaving was, “It is well.”  Before seeing Elisha, who would be instrumental in reviving her son, she met his servant who asked how the family was doing.  She replied again, “It is well.”  After the power of God resurrected her son, Elisha told her to pick him up, and she did just that!   So very touching how she laid her son down, in faith, to pick him up again!  Such a beautiful picture of our Father God!  He allowed His precious Son, Jesus, to willingly lay down His life to rise forever!   Whenever you feel the rise of anxiety, calmly put it down, while picking up faith, saying…”What time I am afraid, I will trust in You; Psalm 56:3.  Instead of looking at our circumstances, let us look to God!