Times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; Acts 3:19.  Like tired computers, sometimes we need to use our refresh buttons so we can be restored, causing us to run smoothly and function properly.  Jesus, Our Loving Shepherd, knows His children need this, as is expressed in Psalm 23.  The sheep in this Psalm are closely cared for by their shepherd, as sheep will not eat or lie down when threatened, nor will they drink from noisy, rushing waters, which frighten them.  When a shepherd wants to bring his little lambs very close he gently uses the crook of his staff to draw them in.   Then He is able show them affection and closely examine their needs.  As the cares of life weigh upon us, we need to draw in close to God, while He tends to us.  Here we can find sustenance, as we graze upon His word and closely fellowship with Him.  Here we can safely rest, as we are calmed of all our fears, and be refreshed, as He is our Living Water; John 4:14 & 7:37-39.