A couple of weeks ago, as I was outside, I heard a most amazing rumble coming from the East.  I felt such a sense of excitement and wonder upon hearing this!  I immediately stopped what I was doing to see where this magnificent rumble was coming from.  It was two of our military’s Apache helicopters flying very low.  With this being a rarity in our area, I was surprised and awed!  Since I wasn’t able to just stand there, as a certain respect welled up inside, I just started waving my arms, wowing!  This reminds of Ezekiel 43:2 and Revelation 1:15, where the writers speak of God’s voice as the sound of many waters. The song, “I Can Only Imagine”, comes to mind.  What will it be like?  It’s absolutely beautiful to hear His voice in this life, but, since there are not enough words to describe His grandeur, or the awe-stricken feeling of love and respect we will have in His heavenly presence, while hearing His amazing voice, I must stop here.