satan inevitably shoots his arrows at us.  These arrows are intended to bring harm, even assaulting our mind or emotions.  In the Greek, these flaming arrows or fiery darts referred to long, hollow, slender arrows filled with flammable fluids.  Their tips were wrapped in fabric and soaked in combustible fluid to burn very hot and furious.  In Bible times, Roman soldiers had a plan against attack, just as God always has a battle plan for us.  Their shields were body sized and shaped like a door.  In most cases, they were made of layer upon layer of tanned, tightly woven animal hide, making them strong as steel.  They were oiled daily to prevent cracking, and soaked in water, before battle to snuff out the sizzling flames upon contact. God has provided all the equipment we need to ward off satan’s launched attacks.  God’s children (all who accept Jesus as Savior) house His Powerful Holy Spirit, giving us constant communication with Him.  We also have His written Word, The Bible, to daily saturate ourselves with.  What secured peace we have in His direction and protection for every situation!   We don’t have to be easy prey and fall victim to every whim of the enemy.  Instead, we can live victoriously, always rising in faith, since we are more than conquerors (overcomers) through Him who loves us; Romans 8:37.   Interestingly, throughout the Bible, it speaks of God having a bow.  And we know His arrows always hit the mark and complete the intended assignment to squelch the enemy!