Did David, the little shepherd boy, matter when he took down the giant, that all the other mighty warriors couldn’t; I Samuel 17:1-51?  Did the little boy matter when he gave his small lunch of five barley loaves and two small fish to Jesus, which fed thousands; John 6:1-13? Did the hostage little maid matter when she gave a leader instructions on how to be healed of his leprosy, causing his flesh to be restored like a little child; II Kings 5:1-14?  Did it matter that Jesus took time to raise a little dead girl, behind closed doors, with only a few present; Luke 8:40-56?  Did it matter that Jesus washed His disciples feet the night of His crucifixion, humbly showing love and symbolizing how His blood would cleanse them; John 13:3-12?  Absolutely, yes!  All of these things mattered!  And you matter to God! Everything you do, because of your love for Jesus, matters, and is shown in a smile or any small act of kindness.  These things are big when God is in it!  So the next time you feel insignificant, remember the cross, where Jesus says you’re so important to Me!  Then continue to do all the small things, which matter to God, and will be a beautiful reflection of Him!